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  • Brad Pitt Shocks Fans at Four ‘World War Z’ Screenings in One Day

    Rachel Hoffman at Yahoo Celebrity 2 yrs ago

    Who needs an official press tour when you can do your own? At least that seemed to be Hollywood superstar Brad Pitt’s philosophy regarding his “World War Z” media blitz. The actor was in four cities in one day on Thursday, hitting Atlanta, Philadelphia, Chicago, and Austin, Texas, to introduce the movie at screenings all across the country! "We got something that you've never seen before. It's the most intense thing that you're going to see all summer,” Pitt told the audience in Atlanta. “It's so fun, I'm really happy for you guys to see it."

    Fans were clearly shocked and excited to see the 49-year-old take the stage before the movie (who wouldn't be?!). In the new film, out June 21, Pitt plays an ex-U.N. worker who globe-trots around the world looking for a cure for a spreading zombie epidemic in order to save his family and, ultimately, humanity. Judging by his personal press tour, he seems to have learned a thing or two from his character about taking things into his own hands -- and we couldn't be more excited!

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  • Stars with Failed Music Careers

    Rachel Hoffman at Yahoo Celebrity 2 yrs ago

    Stars tend to think that it's easy to parlay their celebrity into a music career. And while there has been success for some, celebs' musical talents usually aren't as well received as they might have hoped.

    In 2004, Lindsay Lohan had a budding acting career, sharing the screen with some of Hollywood's elite. But the starlet stepped up to the microphone in 2004 and released her debut album, "Speak." The actress-turned-singer's single, "Rumors," picked up steam on the Billboard charts, and LiLo's music video even scored her a nomination for best pop video at the 2005 VMAs. But sadly, her music career fizzled just as quickly as it started.

    We all know that the Kardashian clan will do almost anything to gain fame. So it's only natural that Kim would take a stab at a music career. She released "Turn It Up," with a dance jam and a sexy music video, but the song just made us want to turn the radio down.

    Check out the vid to see which other reality starlet and top athlete tried their hand in the music biz!

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  • Katie Couric’s Surprising – and Short-Lived – Showbiz Romances

    Rachel Hoffman at Yahoo Celebrity 2 yrs ago

    Katie Couric went on Howard Stern’s SiriusXM radio show on Wednesday and dished about her Hollywood romances, and the men that “got away,” including Bob Saget and Jeff Probst! The 56-year-old talked about her date with “Full House” star Bob Saget, admitting, "I had fun, I don't think I did it for him." Clearly she didn’t, since he never called her back for a second date. Weird, Danny Tanner seemed like such a nice guy!

    Thankfully, Couric didn’t let that failed romance stop her from trying to find love in showbiz. The former “Today” show anchor said she also went out with “Survivor” host Jeff Probst. It seems his attire was a little more than she could handle. "I think he had puka shells on -- that was kind of a weird thing,”she admitted. Katie told Howard that she wasn’t too upset that it didn’t work out with either of them, adding, "I can't say that I was devastated that neither called me back. I thought they were both nice guys ... I don't think there was real magic there with either, but I enjoyed spending time with them."

    Check out this vid to see the one date Katie regrets turning down.

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  • Serena Ryder Hits Her US Stride with ‘Stompa’

    Rachel Hoffman at Yahoo Celebrity 2 yrs ago

    Award-winning singer-songwriter Serena Ryder recently sat down with “omg! Insider” contributor Kristen Aldridge to talk about the growing success of “Stompa,” the first single from her upcoming album, “Harmony.” With six studio albums under her belt, the songstress is certainly not new to the music scene and has opened up for big names including Elton John and Aerosmith. She’s had lots of success back home in Canada, and now, she’s finally hitting her stride in the United States. “Stompa,” which raced up to the Top 10 on the Canadian Charts, took only three hours to record – from start to finish! In fact, the entire album was completed in just a few weeks and is set to be released in June. Ryder had written 60 songs for the album, but she decided to throw them all out to get a fresh start.

    So, who are Serena’s musical muses? She draws inspiration from classics like Ella Fitzgerald and Nina Simone and has been a fan of Michael Jackson and Prince since she was a youngster.

    Check out the vid to see Kristen and Serena take a musical walk down memory lane through the halls of the legendary Capitol Records building, and get a peek inside Frank Sinatra's personal lounge!

  • Forever Young! Stars Who Haven’t Aged

    Rachel Hoffman at Yahoo Celebrity 2 yrs ago

    Time seems to be standing still for these sexy stars! When it comes to ageless beauty, Heather Graham is a sure thing. She may have rolled into our hearts as "Roller Girl" in the 90's hit "Boogie Nights", but more than 15 years later she is proving that age is just a number.

    Another famous face who doesn't seem to have changed one bit is former "Charmed" star Alyssa Milano. While she probably used a spell or two from her days on the show to stay young, in her upcoming ABC drama "Mistresses," she is nothing but naturally gorgeous – and still looks just as good as the old days!

    Of course, you can't talk ageless A-listers without mentioning John Stamos. Whether it's playing Uncle Jesse on "Full House" or making women swoon in Greek yogurt commercials most recently, he seems to have found the fountain of youth – and we certainly aren't complaining!

    Check out the vid to find out which other stars don't seem to be affected by Father Time.

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  • Bare-Faced Beauties: Stars Who Look Stunning Without Makeup

    Rachel Hoffman at Yahoo Celebrity 2 yrs ago

    We’re used to seeing stars all dolled up on the red carpet, but these sexy A-listers look great with or without makeup!

    Clearly supermodels are beautiful, but Gisele Bundchen is one woman who can turn heads no matter what. She posted an au naturel picture on Instagram last week, showing off her best yoga moves and proving that she doesn’t need a glam squad to help her because she’s beautiful all on her own!

    “American Idol” judge Mariah Carey put her bare face on display when she posted a snapshot on Instagram of herself looking flawless in March, captioning the image, “Love to all the lambly!!! #WWLD.” While she’s sending love to Lambly, we have to send her some love because she’s looking “marvelous, darling.”

    And then there’s Jennifer Lopez. This sexy songstress is always getting glowing reviews for her beautiful skin and stunning makeup on the red carpet. But, it turns out, she’d get those same remarks without any of her beauty must-haves. J.Lo tweeted a pic with boyfriend Casper Smart in December writing, “Major #jetlag !!!! Suns up … Moon is still out! #Kualampur #mayalsia #danceagainworldtour2012.”

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  • Tinseltown’s Most Unforgettable Bikini Moments

    Rachel Hoffman at Yahoo Celebrity 2 yrs ago

    In honor of Memorial Day and the official start of bikini season, we're breaking down some of Hollywood's most memorable bikini moments ... and there are a lot! It all started in 1946 when the bikini made its world debut on 19-year-old French showgirl Micheline Bernardini, who dared to go where no woman had gone before … right into a two-piece! From that day forward, Hollywood's hottest starlets have frolicked beachside in their itty-bitty bikinis.

    Hollywood's original bombshell, Marilyn Monroe, had tongues wagging in 1951 when she donned an iconic polka-dot bikini over her infamous traffic-halting curves. And Halle Berry gave former Bond girl Ursula Andress a major run for her money in a figure-flaunting belted orange bikini as she emerged from the water in slow motion in the 2002 film "Die Another Day."

    Check out the vid to see who else made the hottest Hollywood bikini moments list!

    See more photos of celebs flaunting their bikini bods:

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  • Miranda Lambert and her Pistol Annies Sing ‘Nashville’ Praises

    Rachel Hoffman at Yahoo Celebrity 2 yrs ago

    Miranda Lambert and bandmates Ashley Monroe and Angaleena Presley – aka country power trio Pistol Annies - know a thing or two about singing on Nashville's music row! So when Ram Country on Yahoo! Music sat down with the lovely ladies for an exclusive interview at the legendary Pappy and Harriet’s Pioneertown Palace in the California desert, we had to ask about how the hit ABC show "Nashville" measures up to their beloved city. "I love it!” Ashley said. “It's a great show. I have lots of friends on there. It's been such a great opportunity for songwriters in Nashville” Angaleena added. "They've gotten so much work. They've cut so many songs from a lot of writers; probably gotten their first cuts in that show and so I think it's been great for the songwriting community and for the town."

    Even though the show isn't based on real Nashville stars, the country starlets said the series would have definitely inspired the "younger" Annies. Added Angaleena: "I think if I saw that show in high school, I'd be like, ‘ooh, I want to go there so bad!’"

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  • Celebrity Couples Who’ve Lasted Longer Than Expected

    Rachel Hoffman at Yahoo Celebrity 2 yrs ago

    It's no secret that it's hard to have a healthy relationship in Hollywood, but some couples have lasted longer than we expected!

    Ashton Kutcher's and Mila Kunis's characters on "That '70s Show" may have dated, but they didn't spark a real-life romance until now. Following Ashton's highly publicized divorce from Demi Moore and Mila's split from longtime beau Macaulay Culkin, the timing finally seems to be just right for this adorable duo. Since getting together in April 2012, they have been spotted together all over the globe, and their busy shooting schedules don't seem to be getting in the way of their lasting love.

    Check out the vid to see which other Hollywood couples have defied the odds, proving that love really does conquer all! For the latest entertainment news, tune in to "omg! Insider" on TV. More Celebrity Features on Yahoo!:

  • Who Made the Grade on the 2013 Cannes Film Festival Red Carpet?

    Rachel Hoffman at Yahoo Celebrity 2 yrs ago

    The Cannes Film Festival is not only a place for Hollywood's A-listers to present their latest projects, but it's also a venue where the most glamorous stars can shine on the red carpet! While some celebs wow us with their selections, even with the help of stylists, it's easy to fall prey to fashion misses.

    So, who earned high marks on our red carpet report card? Cindy Crawford gets an A+ for her white Roberto Cavalli gown. With the plunging neckline and gold embellishments, it proved that her supermodel days are far from over. And Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence rocked the red carpet at the premiere of "Catching Fire" in a classic yet elegant black-and-white Christian Dior gown.

    While these ladies looked stunning on the red carpet, Eva Longoria showed a little too much skin (even accidentally flashing the crowd!) in a blue Atelier Versace gown that looked a lot like a mermaid's net. And Kirsten Dunst donned a black Michael van der Ham printed dress that she could have easily pulled out of her grandmother's closet.

    Check out the vid to see which other stars topped our best and worst dressed list at Cannes!

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