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  • 14 Unforgettable John Travolta Moves

    Paul Rosales at Yahoo Celebrity 1 yr ago

    It's no secret that John Travolta knows how to get down.

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    The actor danced his way into pop culture history thanks to roles in movies such as "Saturday Night Fever," "Grease," and "Pulp Fiction," so what better way to celebrate his 60th birthday on February 18 than to look back at a few of the most memorable moves of his career.

    1. Nobody struts the streets of NYC better than Travolta.

    2. Who hasn't attempted a few of these iconic "Saturday Night Fever" moves on the dance floor?

    3. You know you've done the Batusi (created for the "Batman" TV series) while out at the club just like Vincent Vega did in "Pulp Fiction."

    4. Travolta's pelvic thrusts in "Grease" were quite memorable.

    5. But he really perfected the move in "Perfect."

    6. "Welcome Back Kotter's" Vinnie Barbarino was incredibly cute and could boogie down, too!

    7. Yee-haw! Travolta also ruled the dance floor in "Urban Cowboy."

  • 21 Pies to the Face for National Pie Day

    Paul Rosales at Yahoo Celebrity 1 yr ago

    Happy National Pie Day! To celebrate the occasion, we've rounded up some memorable moments from TV and film where celebs got a little messy with the creamy dessert gag.


    1. Rosario Dawson got pied for charity on "The Queen Latifah Show."

    2. Who can forget "The Three Stooges" and their hilarious pie fights?

    3. Glenn Close willingly took a dessert to the face playing Rock, Paper, Scissors, Pie on "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon."

    4. Lucy Liu also got messy while goofing around with Fallon. 

    5. Speaking of Lucy, Lucille Ball had a taste of pie while acting out the "Slowly I Turn" sketch.

    6. Even boy bands can't escape the prank! Harry Styles was hit with a pie during a concert in Melbourne.

    7. This was the start to an epic pie fight in "The Feud."

    8. Even the beautiful Brooke Shields got pied on "Suddenly Susan."

    9. Homer used a pie to get his revenge on Mr. Burns during an episode of "The Simpsons."

    10. Meryl Streep gave it straight to Jack Nicholson in "Heartburn."

    11. Adam Scott got hit with a pie on "Parks and Recreation."

    18. Sisters, too!


  • 12 Pop Culture Moments That Swallowed the Internet in 2013

    Paul Rosales at Yahoo Celebrity 1 yr ago

    Was 2013 the year of Beyoncé or Miley — the GIF or the meme? Any way you look at it, 2013 was pure gold for Internet satire. Here's a rundown of 12 moments that caught our eye and captured the web's attention.

  • 9 Best Celeb Photobombs of 2013

    Paul Rosales at Yahoo Celebrity 1 yr ago

    Bombs away! When they weren't snapping selfies, celebs were busy perfecting the art of the photobomb in 2013. Check out 9 of our faves.

    Zach Braff/Wedding Shoot With impeccable timing and a perfect grin, even the former "Scrubs" star couldn't have planned this photobomb of a German couple posing for a wedding pic in NYC's Times Square any better. "This is one of my best photobombs ever," the actor proudly tweeted to his followers along with the photo.

    Tyler, the Creator/Donald Trump Odd Future member Taco (R) asked fellow guest Donald Trump for a photo backstage at "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon." Little did "The Donald" know, the infamous Tyler, the Creator was looming right behind.

    Claire Danes/Lena Dunham The "Homeland" and "Girls" stars grew up down the street from each other and shared a tender, albeit funny, moment on the Emmys Red Carpet.

    Bill Clinton/Kelly Clarkson Who's that peeking out at Kelly Clarkson? It's none other than former President Bill Clinton at the 2013 Presidential Inauguration.