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  • Channing Tatum Cops to ‘Crying Fits’ During Daughter’s Birth

    Matt Donnelly at Yahoo Celebrity 2 yrs ago

    Though he plays bodyguard to the president in this weekend’s summer action blockbuster "White House Down," actor Channing Tatum wasn't so tough during his recent experience in the delivery room.

    The star admits he had several breakdowns when he and wife Jenna Dewan-Tautm welcomed their first child, a daughter they named Everly, into the world on May 31.

    "I probably went to the bathroom, like, four times and had a crying fit," Tautm confessed to Chelsea Handler on her late night show (clip below).

    "There is a real reason … that God did not give [men] the ability to have babies. I don't know how you guys do it. It's like National Geographic, like, animal-stlye, for real. I don't get it," he said.

    Dewan-Tatum gave birth to Everly at a hospital in London, where Tatum was on location filming the sci-fi flick "Jupiter Ascending." His tears weren’t just from joy, however, but also from feelings of stress and helplessness.

    He did get a consolation prize a few weeks after his delivery room breakdown – his first Father's Day.

  • Beyonce Can’t Stand The Sound of Her Own Voice

    Matt Donnelly at Yahoo Celebrity 2 yrs ago

    Any sensible diva might embrace a flaw or too, but Beyonce's personal pet peeve may surprise you: She hates the sound of her voice.

    No, not the singing voice that soars across ballads like "Halo," but her speaking voice, which is currently on display in the animated film "Epic."

    "I hate hearing myself speak," Bey said in an interview with Australian magazine show "The Project"(clip below), "I think everyone does."

    Mrs. Jay-Z voices Queen Tara in the Dreamworks Animation flick, and though she's not a fan of hearing herself on screen, she still loved getting the cartoon treatment.

    "I hear my little crazy voice coming out of this beautiful, regal woman -- I'm like, 'This is really strange, but I love it,'" she shared.

    The 31-year-old also talked about working with director Chris Wedge, and how he may have feared Beyonce would bring her own queenly attitude to work with her.

    "I think he was, in the beginning, a bit nervous. Because I'm, you know, a one-namer, and usually we're divas," she said.

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  • Meet Adele’s Adorable Son Angelo [Photo]

    Matt Donnelly at Yahoo Celebrity 2 yrs ago

    Blue Ivy Carter isn't the only tot in town getting shuttled around by music royalty — meet Adele's little guy, Angelo.

    The "Rolling In The Deep" songstress took her 8-month-old to the Central Park Zoo in Manhattan on Wednesday with a group of pals, and was snapped holding her baby with one arm.

    With just a hint of red hair peeking out from under a bucket hat, this is the first glimpse of the Grammy, Oscar, and Golden-Globe-winning singer's offspring.

    Mother and son, escorted by security, according to E! News, enjoyed getting a look at some of the zoo’s residents including snow leopards, polar bears, and penguins. Later on, Adele introduced Angelo to some goats and alpacas at the park's petting zoo.

    While Adele, 25, is rumored to be eyeing a home in Los Angeles, her trip to New York has been pretty magical.

    As in, magician David Blaine introduced himself to the singer at dinner and performed some illusions for her group.

    We wish there was a magic trick to get a third studio album out of her.

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  • Kate Gosselin: Do You Buy Her ‘Slant Eyes’ Defense?

    Matt Donnelly at Yahoo Celebrity 2 yrs ago

    Kate Gosselin is speaking out in defense of a photo that surfaced on Monday, which has some critics accusing the former reality TV mom of making a racist gesture aimed at Asians.

    On Tuesday, Gosselin took to her official blog to address the controversial snapshot, in which she is wearing a plastic geisha-style wig and uses her index fingers to pull back the skin around her eyes.

    "Jon and I were opening fan mail together one afternoon," Gosselin writes, remembering happier times with her ex-husband and father of her eight children.

    "We opened this plastic Asian dress up wig sent from a caring fan, we smiled, each taking turns posing in it and snapping photos. Naturally, I 'slanted' my eyes to show him my best Asian impression, which made him smile," Gosselin recalls, adding, "I married an Asian. I have eight biracial children therefore I'm quite certain that I’m the last person that could be called a racist."

    What do you think of the photo?

  • Sandra Bullock’s Son Louis Doesn’t Find Her Very Funny

    Matt Donnelly at Yahoo Celebrity 2 yrs ago

    Any giggles you might get from Sandra Bullock on the big screen are lost on her kid, as she tells it.

    Apparently, Louis, the actress's adorable 3-year-old, isn't exactly bowled over by her comedy skills.

    "He doesn't find me funny at all!" Bullock told E! News at the New York red carpet premiere of her new flick "The Heat" on Sunday.

    "The only time he thinks I'm funny is when I go, ‘You know you need to go to bed.' He goes, ‘You so funny mamma. You so funny.'"

    But the 48-year-old single mom doesn't mind that she doesn't regularly crack her little boy up. As far as she's concerned, getting laughs isn't high on her list of priorities.

    "I'm just here to change diapers and feed him and make money for school," noted Bullock. "That's my purpose here and it's worth it."

    You can see if Louis's assessment is correct when "The Heat" hits theaters on June 28.

  • Please Don’t Try to Smell ‘Real Housewives of New Jersey’ Star Caroline Manzo

    Matt Donnelly at Yahoo Celebrity 2 yrs ago

    While "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" typically finds its glory in jaw-dropping confrontations at Italian restaurants, there's a beating matriarchal heart in all of its female players.

    Most arguably in Caroline Manzo, the walking billboard for togetherness and tough love. No, really, she wrote a book about it.

    "Let Me Tell You Something: Life as a Real Housewife, Tough-Love Mother, and Street-Smart Businesswoman," is currently on shelves. Manzo is soaking up some California sunshine this week, prepping for a Thursday night book signing in Newport Beach.

    Omg! caught up with her beforehand to talk small-screen drama, a possible city change (!), and her weirdest fan interactions.

    Tell us a little something about "Let Me Tell You Something."

    Fans have many ways to reach you: events, Twitter, Bravo. Do you find a lot of people approach you in the flesh?

    Yeah. It's nice. It's bizarre at times. You're in the neighborhood grocery store, the one I've gone to for 10 years, and people just walk up. It's very nice. I write about some of the more touching ones in the book.

    Any outrageous fan moments?

    The craziest was a woman ...


  • Madonna: Son Rocco Is ‘Disconcertingly Comfortable on Stage’

    Matt Donnelly at Yahoo Celebrity 2 yrs ago

    Madonna is presumably the biggest star in any given room, but at home, all bets are off.

    The camera loves her daughters Lourdes, 16, and 7-year-old Mercy James. Son David, also 7, won hearts by opening mom's recent MDNA Tour with a DJ set alongside Martin Solveig.

    But Rocco Ritchie, Madge's 12 year-old with film director Guy Ritchie, may prove the biggest potential showbiz legacy currently living under her roof.

    "He's disconcertingly comfortably on stage," Madonna revealed on Tuesday in New York, at a premiere screening of "Madonna: The MDNA Tour," an Epix documentary about her high-grossing trek around the world in 2012.

    "I was thrilled to see him every night, he gave me a little boost of energy," Madonna said. (See video below. Warning: There is some profanity.)

    If you catch the documentary, however, don't expect to see the same cherubic blond boy wherever Rocco turns up next. His mom says he's changed a bit.

    He may be the most eager in Madonna's brood, but even stars need supervision.

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  • Brangelina’s Boys Treat Themselves to a Manicure

    Matt Donnelly at Yahoo Celebrity 2 yrs ago

    As with kids in any busy household, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's six-member brood probably feels the effects when one or both of their parents execute a global press tour.

    But despite the fact that Pitt is doing just that right now for his zombie flick "World War Z," the kids are still carving out time for simple things — like a manicure.

    Maddox, 11, and Pax, 9, hit a New York nail salon in the company of a nanny on Monday, where they were snapped at separate nail stations getting a clean-up on their mitts. (We personally loathe putting ours off.)

    Perhaps Maddox, clad in black and a gray beanie, was rewarding himself for a job well done. After all, he appears alongside dad in "World War Z" as a zombie who meets a grizzly end.

    "He's a zombie who gets shot. I don't know what that says about my parenting!" Pitt recently told People magazine.

    While there aren't any photographers to catch him in the act while he's doing his nails at home, there are a lot more siblings to compete with for best nail art.

    Pitt next heads to Russia with his zombie epic, which opens June 21.

  • Drake on Chris Brown Feud: ‘I Get a Feeling It Could End Really Badly’

    Matt Donnelly at Yahoo Celebrity 2 yrs ago

    There's a quality unique to magazine profiles that allows a given subject address controversy while begging not to — which is certainly the case for rapper Drake, who scratches the surface of his beef with Chris Brown in a cover story for GQ.

    “I don’t want my name to be synonymous with that guy’s name. I really don’t," he said of Brown, a musician who's far less of a stranger to conflict.

    The two men were involved in a nightclub altercation last June in New York that saw bottles of alcohol fly across a VIP area, with broken glass injuring patrons including Brown and celeb pals in attendance like NBA star Tony Parker.

    "It's embarrassing, the amount of media coverage. Two rappers fighting over the woman. He’s not even a rapper, but still, it’s the last way you want your name out there," he confessed.

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  • Beyoncé Posts Congrats to Kim, Kanye, and Baby!

    Matt Donnelly at Yahoo Celebrity 2 yrs ago

    The Queen has spoken — well, posted.

    Beyoncé Knowles-Carter, who gave birth to daughter Blue Ivy in January 2012, sent well wishes to new parents Kanye West and Kim Kardashian via her official website.

    "Congratulations Kim & Kanye, enjoy this beautiful moment together," she wrote.

    The "Grown Woman" singer attached a sweet photo of Kardashian and West from early on in their courtship, attending a Los Angeles Lakers game and staring at one another sweetly.

    Kardashian, 32, gave birth to a daughter on Saturday with her rapper beau at her side in the delivery suite.

    Mom and dad are still mum on their little gal's name, but omg! sources hint it will keep with Kardashian tradition and likely start with a "K."

    It's interesting to note that Beyoncé is among only a handful of people within the Kim-Kanye inner circle to speak about the birth on social media.

    But after all, if Queen Bey thinks it, she must speak.

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