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  • You'll Never Guess Which TV Theme Song Whitney Port's Fiancé Wants at Their Wedding

    Yahoo Celebrity2 mths ago

    "The Hills" star Whitney Port and her fiancé Tim Rosenman are no strangers to TV – he worked as a field producer on her reality spinoff "The City" – but they’re also fans of a good binge-watch.

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  • The Best Twitter Feud Ever Just Erupted on @YahooOmg

    omg!4 mths ago

    It all started with our list of 18 Celebs We Loved on Twitter in 2013. Comedian Rob Delaney objected (possibly because he wasn't included). And thus sparked the greatest (slightly NSFW) celebrity thread we've ever seen between Rob and omg! Twitter honorees Anna Kendrick, Josh Groban, Olivia Wilde, Zach Braff, and The Rock. Enjoy.

    18 Celebs We Loved on Twitter in 2013: @zachbraff @heidiklum @AnnaKendrick47 @oliviawilde @TheRock @joshgroban


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  • Exclusive! LeAnn Rimes Instagrams Nashville

    lhaberma at omg!11 mths ago

    We're going a little bit country, y'all.

    LeAnn Rimes hit Nashville Friday to perform at the Grand Ole Opry and she took omg! along for the ride. Or at least the password to our Instagram account.

    In between interviews for her new album "Spitfire," which hits stores June 4, and performing on country music's most famous stage, the singer shared personal photos of her day: catching up with friends and family, snacking on sushi, and goofing around in a bikini — it is her signature look, after all.

    In case you didn't catch LeAnn's Instagram takeover as it was happening, we've chosen our favorite selfies for this exclusive photo gallery. Check it out and make sure to follow omg! on Instagram!

    As for LeAnn, we'll take another road trip with you any day!

    Check out all of LeAnn's fun photos ...

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  • Jessica Alba’s Tearing Up Instagram With Her Street Fighter Obsession

    lhaberma at omg!11 mths ago

    Practice makes perfect. Jessica Alba's really taken these words to heart as she works on her Street Fighter moves.

    The actress has been posting Hadouken photos to her Instagram account since early April.

    Inspired by Japanese schoolgirls, the meme features people posing for photos as if they were carrying out special-effect attacks on opponents in a video game.

    Jess's most successful effort was posted April 13 and features the Honest entrepreneur engaged in a virtual battle with her husband, Cash Warren.

    "What u know 'bout #HADOKEN -full credit goes 2 @cash_warren & @justincoit," she wrote, referencing professional photographer Justin Coit.

    She's posted four more Hadouken since then (all on May 14) with varying degrees of success. Check them out below ...

    Jess went with a Fist of God move to vanquish her "homegirlz." Better lighting and a faster shutter speed would have helped keep her friends in focus.

    This photo's so blurry, Jess is indistinguishable. So, we ask, what's the point?

    Jess gets hit with a virtual ball of lightning but Instagram's square crop almost cuts her out of the shot.

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  • Celeb Social Snaps From the SAG Awards

    lhaberma at omg! Celeb News1 yr ago

    What happens when celebrities stop posing and start getting real? They post photos to Twitter and Instagram, of course!

    We’ve collected the best 2013 SAG Awards Twitpic and Instagram shots for some behind-the-scenes flavor of what last night’s festivities were really all about: Kelly Osbourne braving the rain to rehearse for E!’s Fashion Police with a mic in one hand and an umbrella in the other. Or Lea Michele’s artful black-and-white shot of her carpool partner (and boyfriend) Cory Monteith.

    And what would a party be without Sofia Vergara? The social media maven has never experienced a moment she didn’t feel like sharing with the world. And we love her for it.

    Click through to see the best candid moments snapped and shared by the stars themselves in our Celeb Social Snaps at the SAG Awards Photo Gallery!

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