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  • First Person — LeAnn Rimes: How Child Stardom Seriously Messes With Your Head

    LeAnn Rimes at omg!10 mths ago

    At 13, LeAnn Rimes already had a hit song and was on her way to a Grammy. She hit a few stumbling blocks along the way — a lawsuit against her dad, a much-scrutinized affair and divorce, and a month-long stint in intensive therapy last year — but Rimes emerged from childhood stardom relatively unscathed. Now 30, Mrs. Eddie Cibrian has a new album, "Spitfire," and is planning a sitcom about her life. She opened up to omg! about her experience growing up in the spotlight and why she thinks so many former child stars, such as Justin Bieber, Lindsay Lohan, and Amanda Bynes, end up struggling.

    Being a child star today, with social media and the heightened interest in celebrities, would be incredibly difficult to handle.

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