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  • Introducing … Yahoo Celebrity

    Lauren Schutte at Yahoo Celebrity 1 yr ago

    It's a new year, and we're debuting a new name.

    Yahoo is rebranding the omg! website Yahoo Celebrity — to better reflect those famous faces we're constantly covering! But don't worry, we're going to keep producing the same "OMG"-worthy content for all of you entertainment junkies out there.

    As for our partnership with "omg! Insider," well, that's still as strong as ever, but the CBS Television nightly entertainment news show is getting a name change as well and will now be called "The Insider."    The program will continue to offer up their unique take on the world of celebrity, which includes reporting on breaking news, exclusive interviews, and real-time updates on the social conversations occurring between entertainment fans everywhere. It will also feature new Yahoo-branded segments such as the Yahoo Celebrity Heat Meter and Yahoo Celebrity Social Snaps.   So get excited to continue receiving the latest star-studded headlines 24/7 featuring Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, Beyoncé, Brangelina, and all of your favorite stars on Yahoo Celebrity!



  • Beyonce Reveals She Went from 195 Pounds to 130 Post-Pregnancy: See the Slimdown in Photos!

    Lauren Schutte at Yahoo Celebrity 1 yr ago

      Queen Bey's latest album has proven to be her most revealing in more ways than one!

    The singer not only released 17 music videos that frequently show her in various states of undress at the same time as her surprise "Beyonce" album, but in periodically posted snippets of her complimentary "Self-Titled" documentary, Beyonce, 32, has been exposing even more of herself to the public.

    In the fourth part, titled "Liberation," posted December 30, the "Partition" singer explained her motivation for the song's accompanying video, in which she dances in a series of skimpy outfits, including a thong.

    "I was very aware of the fact that I was showing my body," explains Jay Z's wife. "I was 195 pounds when I gave birth, I lost 65 pounds, I worked crazily to get my body back. I wanted to show my body," she said, referencing the January 7, 2012 birth of their daughter Blue Ivy.

    She opines: "You can have your child, and you can still have fun, and still be sexy, and still have dreams, and still live for yourself."

















  • Robin Roberts Comes Out on Facebook

    Lauren Schutte at Yahoo Celebrity 1 yr ago

    "Good Morning America's" Robin Roberts shared a very personal detail in her Facebook year-end post Sunday, December 29.

    The longtime ABC news anchor, 53, addressed her sexuality publicly for the first time, naming girlfriend Amber Laign in a reflective post on her Facebook page.

    " I am grateful for my entire family, my long time girlfriend, Amber, and friends as we prepare to celebrate a glorious new year together," she wrote, discussing the anniversary of her bone marrow transplant.

    One year ago Sunday, Roberts reached the 100 day mark following the risky procedure to treat myelodysplastic syndrome, a rare blood disorder (in 2007 she was diagonosed with breast cancer and after treatment went into remission). Her sister, who she also thanked in the post, was her donor.

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    The longtime newsmaker has also received supportive tweets from fans and several of her star pals.


  • Kanye West and North Have Father-Daughter Lamborghinis!

    Lauren Schutte at Yahoo Celebrity 1 yr ago


    Before she can walk, North West has already recieved her first set of wheels ... custom-made, obviously.

    Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's six-month-old tot added an extra-fancy gift to her ever-growing collection this Christmas in the form of a mini Lamborghini, an exactly replica of her daddy's all-black ride.

    "Like father like daughter," the 33-year-old reality star quipped while sharing the photo of the side-by-side big and small sports cars on her Instagram account.

    Here's hoping its speedometer was modified during the recreation!

    North has been having a quite a fancy first Christmas. The famous babe received high-fashion presents from designers Charlotte Olympia, Stella McCartney, Giuseppe Sanotti and even Hermes.

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    Tell us your guesses in the comments.

  • Making Dying Wishes Come True: The 8 Top Celebrity Dream Makers of 2013

    Lauren Schutte at Yahoo Celebrity 1 yr ago

    If a dream is a wish your heart makes, a dream come true must be a wish a pop star grants.  

    2013 was filled with plenty of breakups, selfies, drama and twerking in the lives of our favorite celebs, yes. But it was also a year bursting with great acts of kindness from many of the famous faces we've grown to know so well.  

    Here is our definitive list of the stars who took time to grant some pretty big wishes in 2013.


    2. Taylor Swift: Delaney "Laney" Ann Brown passed away from complications from leukemia on Christmas, but just five days earlier, on her 8th birthday, the West Reading, Pennsylvania, native had a huge wish granted by the area's most famous alum, Swift. The "Red" singer, who grew up in nearby Reading, called her young fan via Facetime so that they could see one another. "Laney lit up and had a huge smile on her face," a Facebook post about the encounter details. "We will hold that memory in our hearts forever."


  • How Sprint Snagged James Earl Jones for Those Amazeballs Commercials

    Lauren Schutte at Yahoo Celebrity 1 yr ago

    Let's be honest, Sprint's "Everything's Important" campaign starring James Earl Jones and Malcolm McDowell are comedy times infinity plus another infinity.   After watching the legendary actors embody bros unsure about evening plans, giddy girls discussing cute boys, and an annoyed married couple, one reaction — after the laughter subsided —seemed to rise above the rest.   How did Sprint get Darth Vader (Jones) and Alex DeLarge (McDowell) to do that?!   To get the answer, omg! went straight to the source and asked the legendary Jones how a phone company got him onboard to perform such frivolity.    "I love doing commercials," the thespian, who just completed a run as Benedick in the London production of Shakespeare's "Much Ado About Nothing," tells omg!. "It's as simple as that. The work is very specific. All theater is about storytelling and the storytelling we do on a commercial is so, so specific and sometimes — as in the case of the Sprint commercials that we're doing — it's just a few words … and these two old guys, who aren't ashamed of making fools of themselves."   As for his now infamous utterings of "Hottie McHotterson," "totes adorbs," and the universal winner, "Totes McGotes," Jones, who insists he has no comedic chops, says he wasn't what you'd call an expert on the youthful slang.  

  • Rachel Zoe Gives Birth to Another Baby Boy!

    Lauren Schutte at Yahoo Celebrity 1 yr ago

    In totally major news, fashion designer and stylist-to-the-stars Rachel Zoe, has delivered a baby boy named Kasius Jagger (aka Kai).

    Zoe, 42, her husband Rodger Berman, and 2-year-old son Skyler announced the arrival of their new addition on Sunday via Twitter.

    "So excited to welcome our baby boy into the world...he's 7 lbs 12 oz, beautiful, healthy and we couldn't be happier," she tweeted.

    The stylist later posted a personal note on her official website along with a pic of her little bundle of joy.

    "Rodger, Skyler and I are madly in love and will be happily hibernating for the next couple of weeks," wrote Zoe. "Thank you for all of your kind words, as they mean so much to us."

    Naturally, many of her A-list clients were chiming in to send their congratulations. Chanel Iman tweeted, "Congrats to my dear friend @rachelzoe on her new baby boy #rachelzoe #godbless"


  • Marie Osmond Is a Grandma!

    Lauren Schutte at Yahoo Celebrity 1 yr ago

    It looks like Marie Osmond is going to have some last-minute Christmas shopping to do!  

    The entertainer, 54, shared some happy news on her Twitter account Thursday.  

    Hey everyone .....I just became a GRANDMA!!!!!!!!💋💋💋🍼


    It's a boy! 🍼


    Osmond's son Stephen Craig (whose dad, Stephen Craig Sr., she remarried in 2011 after divorcing in 1985) and his wife, Claire Olds, welcomed the bundle of joy a little early.

    During an October "Good Morning America" appearance, the singer said the baby's due date was December 26.  

    "She, of course, is over the moon," her rep tells "omg! Insider" of becoming a first-time grandma.  

    Osmond announced her daughter-in-law's pregnancy during an appearance on "The Talk" in June, gushing, "I am so excited I'm going to be a grandma. I just can't wait."  



  • The Best Barbs From Zach Galifianakis's Holiday 'Between Two Ferns'

    Lauren Schutte at Yahoo Celebrity 1 yr ago

    If you were expecting Zach Galifianakis's hilariously rude "Between Two Ferns" Funny or Die web series to go easy for its special holiday episode you would be wrong.  

    (Though he did hang some ornaments on his titular plants, which was a nice touch!) 

    "The Hangover" star welcomed Samuel L. Jackson (who obviously wasn't dressing to impress in his head-to-toe matching sweatsuit and beanie), Toby Maguire (who went simply by "Toby"), and Arcade Fire (dressed in amazing Christmas sweaters) to his show.  

    But per usual, Galifianakis, 44, delivered more barbs than questions for his guests.   Right off the bat, he reprimands Maguire after the "Great Gatsby" actor interrupts his "Christmas Spectacular's" kickoff countdown, saying, "You have to keep your f---ing mouth shut, because I'm counting the show in." 

  • 17 Classic Brad Pitt Movie GIFs to Celebrate the Actor's 50th Birthday

    Lauren Schutte at Yahoo Celebrity 1 yr ago

    Happy GIF birthday, Brad Pitt! The award-winning actor has quite the career to show for his 50 years on this earth. In celebration of his half century, here are 17 GIFs of Angelina Jolie's fiancé's film work in chronological order.

    "Thelma & Louise" (1991): Back when he was just a youthful 20-something, Pitt became the stuff dreams are made of while portraying a hitchhiking thief who teaches Thelma and Louise some tricks of the heist trade … or so we think. It was hard to concentrate past Pitt's shirtless scenes!

    "Legends of the Fall" (1994): A tip of the hat to you, sir! The still long-locked Pitt tugged at the heart strings playing heart-sick Tristan (and shed a few tears) in this epic turn-of-the-century tale.



    "Meet Joe Black" (1998): Give us Pitt or give us death. Actually, in this epic love story, you can have both! The actor plays a curious death incarnate on Earth to learn about what life is like … and falls in love with a mortal.


    Caught your breath? Us neither, but the show must go on.












    Happy 50th birthday, Brad! You've earned it.