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  • Kanye West Has Spent 18 Days With Kim Kardashian Since Announcing Pregnancy

    Kathleen Perricone at Yahoo Celebrity 2 yrs ago

    When Kanye West announced that Kim Kardashian was his "baby mama" during a concert in Atlantic City on December 30, the usually-grumpy rapper seemed ecstatic.

    The next day, the two cozied up at a Las Vegas nightclub, where the reality star was getting paid to ring in the New Year.

    But in the three-plus months since, the parents-to-be have barely spent any time together.

    By omg!'s calculations, they have spent about 18 days together … and the majority of that time was only because Kardashian traveled to where West was.

    Throughout January, Kardashian and West spent time together in Paris, with her returning to Los Angeles and New York City for work. But in early February, the couple did steal away for a getaway to Rio de Janeiro for a few days of sun and fun. Afterwards, they headed home to L.A. for a doctor's appointment … with Kardashian's mom Kris Jenner and sister Khloe in tow.

    But then it was back to Europe for West for more concerts in London, Paris, and Amsterdam through the rest of the month.

    And once again, West stayed behind in Europe, where he was spotted on April 3 partying in London with his girlfriend's brother, Rob.

  • Prince William Gets Rejected by Little Girl in Princess Costume

    Kathleen Perricone at Yahoo Celebrity 2 yrs ago

    Not every little girl is waiting for her prince.

    During an appearance in Glasgow, Scotland, on Thursday, Prince William attempted to greet a 4-year-old girl dressed as Disney princess Jasmine with a kiss on the cheek … and she wasn't having any of it!

    As the father-to-be was making his way down the receiving line of well-wishers, little Shona, dressed in a light blue gown and gold headband, handed him a pink flower. But as the prince tried to say thank you with a smooch, she bashfully turned away and buried her face on her mother's shoulder.

    "Next time, Shona. Next time," William said, rubbing her back. "It always happens. All girls do that now."

    Perhaps he knows that because he's been reading up on little girls? The Duke of Cambridge and his Duchess, Kate Middleton, are expecting their first child in mid-July, and during a recent public engagement, she dropped a hint that she was pregnant with a girl.

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  • Lisa Vanderpump Talks ‘Real Housewives,’ ‘Vanderpump Rules,’ … and Butter?

    Kathleen Perricone at Yahoo Celebrity 2 yrs ago

    Lisa Vanderpump is one busy lady.

    The "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star, who just wrapped the Bravo series' third season, is currently a contestant on "Dancing With the Stars," is about to start production on Season 2 of her spin-off "Vanderpump Rules," and stars in her own web series with I Can't Believe It's not Butter … but more about that later.

    The "RHoBH" reunion special brought some surprises, but the biggest for the show's own stars was the revelation that housewife Adrienne Maloof, Vanderpump's nemesis, would not be returning for a fourth season. "The fact that Adrienne was kind of fired on the show … nobody really expected that," Vanderpump tells omg! in a new interview.

    The newly single mother of three sons took herself out of much of the filming this season after Brandi Glanville squealed to the other housewives that Maloof had hired a surrogate to carry her twins. "If you've got secrets, don't do a reality show," continues Vanderpump. "It's a job … you blog, you talk to your viewers, and you show up to the reunion. And that's what we signed up for."

  • Magic Johnson Opens up About Gay Son: ‘I’m Behind Him One Million Percent’

    Kathleen Perricone at Yahoo Celebrity 2 yrs ago

    Magic Johnson is loud and proud about his love for his son, EJ.

    The 20-year-old New York University student's sexual orientation made headlines on Tuesday after he was spotted holding hands with his boyfriend in West Hollywood … and now the NBA legend says that he could not be any prouder.

    In a new sit-down interview with TMZ's Harvey Levin, Johnson reveals that he and his wife Cookie had "the talk" with their eldest child when he was around 12 or 13-years-old because they believed he was gay and they wanted him to know that they completely supported him.

    "I told him, 'Look, I'm gonna love you regardless, just let me know. Are you, or aren't you?'" explains the 53-year-old. "And finally he said, 'Yes, I am.'"

    But EJ had nothing to worry about, insists his dad. "I love EJ so much. That's my main man. I told him, 'Nothing has changed.'"

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  • Is Doxxing Group Taking Credit for New Swatting Incidents?

    Kathleen Perricone at Yahoo Celebrity 2 yrs ago

    Update (Thursday, April 5): The swatters strike again! A new celeb has become the latest victim of the swatting trend: Rihanna.

    An LAPD spokesperson has confirmed to omg! that police were indeed called to Rihanna's residence at 3 p.m. where they found no injuries nor any evidence of a problem and declared the call a hoax. The spokesperson would not confirm whether or not the 25-year-old wsinger as at home at the time.


    According to one report, the group responsible for hacking a growing list of celebrities that now includes Angelina Jolie, Oprah Winfrey, George Clooney, Tyra Banks, Scarlett Johansson, and even (previously) First Lady Michelle Obama, and putting their credit reports and other financial documents online (hence, the term "doxxing") are now also claiming they recently "swatted" the homes of Paris Hilton and Diddy.

    As of Thursday, the group's website included "Swatted" next to the names of Hilton and Diddy, along with a link to articles about the pranks.

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  • ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Couple Kyle Richards and Mauricio Umansky Respond to Cheating Allegations

    Kathleen Perricone at Love Bites: Celebrity Relationships 2 yrs ago

    Is the cutest couple in "Real Housewives" history not all they're cracked up to be?

    A new report claims that Kyle Richards' husband, Mauricio Umansky, has admitted to cheating on his wife of 17 years and the mother of his three daughters.

    An actress named Tess Broussard tells Star magazine that the hunky real estate agent hit on her friend, a "busty escort" named Cristina Schultz, four years ago at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel. "Mauricio just beelined for us," says Broussard, who adds that he also told brunette Schultz that she resembled Richards. Broussard continues that Umansky, who was wearing his wedding ring, told Schultz, "I'm married, but I stray once in a while," and asked for her phone number.

    This instance is just one of many, the magazine also reports. "There are tons of stories circulating about his extra-marital activities – it is common knowledge in their social circles," one source explains. "Kyle won’t hear a word against him so people just talk about it behind her back."

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  • Meet Tori Kelly! The Latest Discovery From Justin Bieber’s Manager

    Kathleen Perricone at Yahoo Celebrity 2 yrs ago

    Most of you haven't heard of Tori Kelly yet -- but her music is reaching millions of people thanks to some very famous names (and voices).

    The 20-year-old California native's song, "Fill a Heart," has been covered by both "Glee" star Amber Riley and Cody Simpson for ConAgra Food's "Child Hunger Ends Here" campaign benefiting Feeding America, and is currently available for download on iTunes.

    So, what was it like to get the call from Scooter Braun, the man responsible for Justin Bieber, Psy, and Carly Rae Jepsen, to become a part of "Child Hunger Ends Here"? Kelly says she wasn't nervous, like one would expect her to be. "I think I was more excited than anything that they would believe in me enough to have me want to do that," she says. "I was really flattered."

    -- Interview by Brittany Kaplan

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  • Home Contractor Claims Sylvester Stallone Threatened to Kill Him, Abused Dog

    Kathleen Perricone at Yahoo Celebrity 2 yrs ago

    Sylvester Stallone doesn't just rough people up on the big screen.

    According to new court documents, the "Rocky" star physically assaulted and threatened to kill a contractor who worked on his Los Angeles home.

    Mohamed Hadid, who often appears on "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," was granted a temporary restraining order against the 66-year-old actor after he allegedly pushed Hadid in court on March 25. The two men are currently in a legal battle over construction work Hadid did on Stallone's home beginning in 2009, for which Stallone is suing for $1.4 million.

    In the new legal documents filed by Hadid, whose ex-wife Yolanda Foster stars on the Bravo reality series, he claims that Stallone threatened him by saying, "I am going to kill you motherf**er," on March 25 after making physical contact with him in court.

    Stallone for his part, claims that Hadid, who is reportedly worth $100 million, performed shoddy work on his house and is an "unscrupulous, unlicensed predator."

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  • Lindsay Lohan Hits Beach in Bikini … and Bruises

    Kathleen Perricone at Yahoo Celebrity 2 yrs ago

    Lindsay Lohan must be a serious klutz.

    The rehab-bound actress hit the beach in Brazil on Monday in a navy blue bikini, but she revealed a lot more than her famous assets: a cluster of four huge bruises covered her left thigh (three can be seen here on the side, in addition to one on the front).

    There's no way that Lohan couldn't have noticed them, so why did she choose to show them off for the cameras?

    Also strange was the fact that she was sitting on the beach and wading in the water all alone, even though she arrived in South America last week with an entourage, including her boyfriend Avi Snow. As of last weekend, he was back in the States with his band, City of the Sun, in Missouri.

    According to one report, Lohan made it as far as the Sao Paulo airport on Monday … only to not get on her New York City-bound flight (even though her manager did) because she wanted to stay in South America and "have fun."

    Seems like to most people the idea of Lindsay Lohan having a baby is no laughing matter.

  • ‘Buckwild’ Star Shain Gandee Died From Carbon Monoxide Poisoning, Family Raising Money for Funeral

    Kathleen Perricone at Yahoo Celebrity 2 yrs ago

    Shain Gandee died doing what he loved.

    While mudding with his uncle, David Gandee, and friend, Donald Robert Myers, following a night at a West Virginia bar on Saturday, the "Buckwild" star's 1984 Ford Bronco got stuck in the thick, dirty water and its tailpipe submerged, thus preventing the exhaust from leaving the car.

    On Tuesday, the Kanawha County Sheriff's Department in West Virginia announced that completed autopsies confirmed: "The manner of death is accidental and the cause was carbon monoxide poisoning for all three subjects."

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    Do you think MTV should cancel "Buckwild"?

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