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  • Amanda Bynes Reveals Eating Disorder, Hates How She Looks in Paparazzi Photos

    Kathleen Perricone at Yahoo Celebrity 2 yrs ago

    Amanda Bynes has taken a break from posting "selfies" on Twitterto share something very serious.

    After writing on Thursday night that magazines and websites only write stories about her "anytime I've gained weight," she added, "I have an eating disorder so I have a hard time staying thin."

    Although we haven't seen any media outlets picking on Bynes for her weight – in fact, she looks perfectly healthy to us! – the former "What I Like About You" teen star is certainly obsessed with her size.

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    Only use photos from my twitter when writing an article about me.

    — Amanda Bynes (@AmandaBynes) April 5, 2013

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  • Amanda Bynes Insists She Has a Redhead Impostor

    Kathleen Perricone at Yahoo Celebrity 2 yrs ago

    Are two Amanda Bynes better than one?

    The "retired" actress – who turns 27 today – is claiming that photos taken of what appeared to be her walking around New York City on Monday with an amateur red/pink dye job is an impostor.

    In a series of tweets she has since deleted, Bynes insists this person is not her. "My hair is blonde I've never been a redhead! Somebody keeps posing as me! Check my photos on twitter for up to date pictures!"

    But one glance at her Twittershows only recent shots of her eyes and lips. The last time she posted anything of her hair was March 29 … and yes, it was still blond then.

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    Bynes also pointed out more evidence the non-blonde is not her, including her facial piercings. "Fake or real microdermals same glasses!" she continued in another tweet she also deleted. "I don't own those clothes and I'm blonde! Haha!"

    As do we! Happy 27 th Amanda!

  • Amanda Bynes Skips Hearing for Driving on Suspended License Charges, Dyes Hair Pink

    Kathleen Perricone at Yahoo Celebrity 2 yrs ago

    Amanda Bynes has more important things to worry about than court.

    The very troubled actress was a no-show in a Burbank, California, court on Tuesday morning for a pre-trial hearing regarding two misdemeanor charges for driving without a license. Instead her attorney, Richard Hutton, was there in her place, and he asked the judge for a continuance, which was granted. The next hearing has been set for May 9 and Bynes will likely not be there for that, either.

    As omg! previously reported, Bynes' license was suspended last September after she was arrested for DUI and had multiple hit-and-runs in just a matter of months. Still, she continued to drive (and even got into another fender bender) until police eventually pulled her over at the airport after she drove aimlessly around a valet parking area for 90 minutes.

    Since then, the "retired" actress has been living in New York City, where she has still been raising eyebrows … except now, just not behind the wheel of a car.

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  • Amanda Bynes Goes on Selfie Twitter Photo Marathon

    Kathleen Perricone at Yahoo Celebrity 2 yrs ago

    For someone who keeps saying they want privacy, Amanda Bynes sure likes to put it all out there.

    Over the course of 24 hours on Tuesday, the seemingly troubled former child star posted nine "selfie" photos on Twitter… and all but one were partially obstructed by the reflection of the flash in the mirror. (Photographic note to Amanda: how about selecting that user-facing camera option on your iPhone?)

    There wasn't much variation in the photos, either. Bynes was in the same outfit for all nine shots, except for seven of them when she put a blue blouse on over her floral bustier, which she paired with a maroon-and-gold velvet skirt. But she had to take the button-down off eventually. Why? "Uh oh! Stained my shirt while getting ready...grrrrrrrrrr!" she captioned on one upload, which is a montage of three pics showing the tiniest mark on her top.

    My selfies we're taken after those paparazzi photos. I was walking to a photo shoot for my clothing line & perfume line that's in the works!

  • Is Amanda Bynes Trying to Turn Herself Into Barbie?

    Kathleen Perricone at Yahoo Celebrity 2 yrs ago

    Amanda Bynes is a living doll.

    The "retired" actress tweeted a new photo of herself on Sunday … and her new look is, well, interesting. Not only is she wearing a long dirty-blond wig, but the 26-year-old also is also super tan and wearing a ton of eye makeup and pink-frosted lips.

    "Wink ;)," she wrote as the caption.

    While Bynes seems to think she looks cute, some of her followers don't exactly agree. "Praying for you," wrote one. "You seem well," joked comedian Jake Fogelnest.

    So what's up with Bynes' makeover? She seems to be hung up on Barbie, so perhaps she just wants to resemble her idol? Two of the last photos she posted on Instagramare of the iconic doll. One shot is a closeup of Barbie's face, with a smiley face emoticon as the caption, while the other is the plastic doll both with and without makeup.

    What do you think of Bynes' new look?

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  • Anne Hathaway Apologizes to Good Friend Valentino for ‘Difficult’ Oscar Dress Snub

    Kathleen Perricone at Runway 2 yrs ago

    Anne Hathaway is apologizing for what she wore to the Oscars … but not because it was widely panned.

    The Best Supporting Actress winner explained on Tuesday that the pale pink Prada gown with the unfortunately placed darts was not her first choice. Instead, a Valentino with embroidered tulle illusion and a high neck was going to be her pick -- until the night before the big ceremony.

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    That other dress she feared was so close to her Valentino selection? An Alexander McQueen creation draped on none other than her “Les Mis” co-star, Amanda Seyfried! According to Us Weekly, Hathaway asked Seyfried to send her a photo of her own dress on Saturday and when she did, “an aghast Hathaway quickly changed course, ultimately going with the controversial Prada dress.”

    In that case, let’s hope Hathaway is merely just “grounded” and won’t lose her Valentino privileges!

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