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  • Report: Kris Humphries Threatening to Expose Prenup, Kim’s Dirty Laundry

    Erin Carlson at The Famous: Watching the Watched 3 yrs ago

    Kris Humphries is going rogue. On Thursday, the bitter pro-baller filed to annul his marriage to Kim Kardashian and clear it from the public record. Today its surfaces, via Radar Online, that his agenda is not so much religious (he's anti-divorce) but revenge-inspired: if a California judge grants an annulment, then that means the couple's private prenuptial agreement will also be null and void, thereby releasing Humphries to tell his side of the soap opera.

    "The confidentiality aspect of the prenup is extensive and was created just in case things went bad, neither Kim nor Kris could discuss their relationship to the media. But now, Kris wants to be able to talk about the relationship without fear of being sued," quoth a Humphries source, causing devil horns to sprout from Kris Jenner's head.

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  • Rep: Courtney Love Is NOT Lindsay Lohan’s Sobriety Coach

    Erin Carlson at The Famous: Watching the Watched 3 yrs ago

    Wait, Courtney Love's giving Lindsay Lohan sobriety advice? So claims the unfiltered grunge icon in an interview for a Details feature on recovering addicts.

    "I've taken up Lohan because nobody else will," declares Love in the magazine's December issue, noting that the 25-year-old actress is "further down the line than I was, because there was no TMZ then."

    Well, that's apparently news to Lohan. "Completely untrue. Not now, not in the past, never," her publicist, Steve Honig, tells The Famous.

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  • Kim Kardashian Denies Defrauding Kris Humphries

    Erin Carlson at The Famous: Watching the Watched 3 yrs ago

    This Kardashian divorshian is getting uglier by the millisecond: Kris Humphries seeks to annul their 72-day marriage and clear it completely from the record. The charge: FRAUD.

    Meanwhile, Kim Kardashian is telling "close friends" -- and, conveniently, TMZ -- that she legitimately fell in love with Humphries and did not defraud him into having a faux fairytale wedding-turned-nightmare:

    As for Kris filing for an annulment on grounds Kim defrauded him, she says the two of them actually discussed annulling the marriage before she filed for divorce, but they were advised there were no legitimate grounds for an annulment.  Under California law, someone can annul a marriage if there's proof of impotency, incest, bigamy, unsound mind, force or fraud.

    In fact, Kim is saying she wanted an annulment and filed for divorce only after being told it was her only legal option.