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  • Read Patton Oswalt's Twitter defense of Trevor Noah — in 54 tweets

    Dylan Stableford at Yahoo News 1 hr ago

    Patton Oswalt has joined the chorus of fellow comedians coming to the defense of Trevor Noah in the wake of a backlash over controversial jokes found on the future "Daily Show" host's Twitter feed.

    Comedy Central defended Noah on Tuesday, a day after critics called some of Noah's jokes sexist, racist and anti-Semitic and called on the network to rescind its offer to Jon Stewart's successor.

    On Wednesday, Oswalt unleashed a barrage of 54 tweets dissecting a seemingly innocuous joke to show the absurdity of the criticism.

    (1/53) Q: Why did the man* throw* butter* out of the window*? A: He wanted to see* butter fly*!

    (2/53) "Man" in my previous Tweet should not be construed as privileged, misogynist or anti-trans.

    (3/53) Nor should there be ANY assumption of said man's race or religion. It could be an African American man, Asian, or any one

    (8/53) or knows someone who was thus excluded.

    (15/53) Also, again, privilege. What else? Oh yes...

  • French officials cast doubt on purported video of Germanwings flight’s final moments

    Dylan Stableford at Yahoo News 3 hrs ago

    Two European newspapers are standing by their reports that a cellphone video showing what happened inside a Germanwings plane during the final seconds of ill-fated Flight 9525 was found among the wreckage, even as French officials cast doubt on its authenticity.

    The Paris Match and Bild newspapers claim to have jointly obtained the footage, which was reportedly discovered at the crash site. Paris Match said the 14-second video captures the chaos of the plane’s final moments:

    But a French police official told NBC News that the claims are not true.

    “The video claim by Paris Match is false. It is a fake, ” the official said. “There is no such video. ”

    Menichini said cellphones have been collected from the site but that they “hadn't been exploited yet.”

    French prosecutor Brice Robin said that he did not know of any cellphone video collected at the crash site.

  • Trevor Noah faces backlash over tweets critics call sexist, anti-Semitic

    Dylan Stableford at Yahoo News 1 day ago

    The news that Trevor Noah, a biracial, South African comedian, would succeed Jon Stewart as the next host of “The Daily Show” was applauded by many on Twitter after Comedy Central made the announcement on Monday.

    But the warm reception was short-lived. Within hours, those scrutinizing Noah’s Twitter history found tweets that critics called sexist, racist and anti-Semitic.

    Almost bumped a Jewish kid crossing the road. He didn't look b4 crossing but I still would hav felt so bad in my german car!

    South Africans know how to recycle like israel knows how to be peaceful.

    "Oh yeah the weekend. People are gonna get drunk & think that I'm sexy!" - fat chicks everywhere.

    A hot white woman with ass is like a unicorn. Even if you do see one, you'll probably never get to ride it.

    Messi gets the ball and the real players try foul him, but Messi doesn't go down easy, just like jewish chicks. #ElClasico

    Looking at how successful all the Kardashian women are, I don't blame Bruce Jenner at all.

  • Boston marathon survivor Rebekah Gregory runs first race since bombing

    Dylan Stableford at Yahoo News 1 day ago

    The Boston Marathon bombing survivor who wrote an open letter to accused bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev hours after testifying at his federal death penalty trial ran in her first race since the blasts.

    Rebekah Gregory, who had her left leg amputated below the knee in November after 17 surgeries failed to save it, participated in the UNESCO Cities Marathon in northern Italy on Sunday.

    “Yesterday I ran in my first race since the bombing,”Gregory wrote in an Instagram post. “And even though I couldn't get through the whole thing, the scenery of Italian countryside and the feeling of crossing the finish line....was absolutely incredible.

    “Next time I get blown up the terrorists should do a better job,” she added. “They may have taken my leg but they have given me an insane amount of determination in its place.”

    Before the race, Gregory met with Iram Saeed, a Pakistani woman whose face was disfigured in an acid attack by a man she refused to marry.

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  • Trevor Noah to replace Jon Stewart as host of 'The Daily Show'

    Dylan Stableford at Yahoo News 1 day ago

    It’s official: Comedy Central has announced that Trevor Noah will succeed Jon Stewart as the next host of “The Daily Show.”

    Noah, a 31-year-old South Africa native, joined “The Daily Show” as a contributor in December 2014, and in recent days, had been tapped as the network’s likely choice for Stewart’s replacement.

    “Trevor Noah is an enormous talent,” Comedy Central President Michele Ganeless said in a statement. “He has an insightful and unique point of view, and most importantly, is wickedly funny.”

    Noah has appeared on “The Daily Show” only three times, but he has plenty of talk show experience.

    Tonight I lived a dream. Thank you Jon Stewart and @TheDailyShow and everybody that watched.

    In February, Stewart announced that he would step down from “The Daily Show” later this year after more than 16 years as host.

    Other rumored replacements included current “Daily Show” correspondents Samantha Bee and Jessica Williams.

    Stewart himself welcomed the choice of Noah.

  • Woman apologizes for taking selfie in front of deadly East Village blast site

    Dylan Stableford at Yahoo News 2 days ago

    A woman who posed for a photo smiling and flashing a peace sign in front of the site of last week’s deadly explosion in the East Village has apologized.

    “It was inconsiderate to those hurt in the crash and to the city of New York,”the woman, Christina Freundlich, wrote in an email to the Des Moines Register. “What happened last week in the East Village is not to be taken lightly, and I regret my course of action.”

    Freundlich, a former communications director for the Iowa Democratic Party, posted the photo to her Instagram account on Friday, a day after the blast leveled three buildings and left 22 people injured and two missing. Freundlich’s caption: “Scene of the accident.” The image quickly drew outrage.

    “WTF is wrong with you?” read a comment on Freundlich’s post.

    Freundlich later deleted the image.

  • Coney Island's Cyclone roller coaster gets stuck on 1st ride of season

    Dylan Stableford at Yahoo News 2 days ago

    Coney Island's legendary Cyclone got stuck on its first ride of the season Sunday, forcing dozens of riders to be ushered down the historic wooden roller coaster.

    The incident occurred around 11:45 a.m., when cars stopped near the Cyclone's 85-foot summit. No one was injured, officials said, and all riders were safely escorted down steps by park personnel.

    PHOTOS from the Cyclone debacle today:

    "This was an isolated issue and it is quickly being resolved,"Angie Morris, a spokeswoman for the park, told Reuters.

    The stranded riders were celebrating opening day at the amusement park. The first 100 people who entered were given a free ride on the 88-year-old roller coaster.

    The Cyclone snafu happened shortly after a ceremony and inaugural ride with elected officials.

    Morris said those who got stuck would be given another free ride when the roller coaster reopened later Sunday, though some may have been too scared to take her up on the offer.

  • Selfie taken outside site of East Village explosion sparks outrage

    Dylan Stableford at Yahoo News 2 days ago

    There's a time and place to take selfies — concerts, sporting events, red carpets, space. The still-smoldering site of a deadly building explosion is not one of them.

    A little more than 24 hours after an apparent gas explosion in New York City's East Village destroyed three buildings, injured 22 people and left two others missing, a group of smiling women were seen using a selfie stick to take a group photo with the blast site as a backdrop.

    The tasteless photo op, captured by a passing New York City event photographer Friday night, was posted on an East Village blog — drawing immediate outrage.

    Friday night #eastvillage @evgrieve

    "Absolutely disgusting," one commenter wrote.

  • Naked Cowboy's car nearly stolen from Times Square parking garage

    Dylan Stableford at Yahoo News 2 days ago

    The Naked Cowboy almost lost the figurative horse he rode in on when a would-be car thief apparently tried to steal his car from a Times Square parking garage.

    Robert Burck, the 44-year-old street performer better known as Naked Cowboy, was driving to work from Queens early Sunday when he had a "strong urge to use the restroom," according to Todd Rubenstein, executive director of Burck's Naked Cowboy Enterprises.

    When Burck pulled into the parking garage, he parked next to the bathroom and ran in, leaving the engine running and his keys inside. An unidentified man then jumped into Burck's Cadillac Escalade "and began to drive off," Rubenstein explained in an email.

    A parking attendant "saw this happening and darted across the parking garage, entering the passenger side of the vehicle and subdued the subject and stopped the vehicle safely."

    Burck — who usually changes in the parking garage restroom before hitting the streets of Times Square with his guitar, boots and briefs — said he was in shock when he came out of the bathroom.

  • trolls Ted Cruz's presidential campaign

    Dylan Stableford at Yahoo News 9 days ago

    Sen. Ted Cruz launched his candidacy for president on Monday, tweeting a 30-second video to his 394,000 Twitter followers just after midnight — hours before a formal announcement at Liberty University.

    I'm running for President and I hope to earn your support!

    But those looking to for more information on the Texas Republican and his platform were out of luck. The domain — which was reserved by an Arizona lawyer before Cruz's political ascension— currently encourages visitors to support President Barack Obama and immigration reform.

    Cruz's official campaign website,, seemed to be working fine Monday morning.

    Many, though, applauded Cruz for not using a teleprompter.

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