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Sofia Vergara on her Emmy wardrobe malfunction and her Kmart collection

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Sofia Vergara poses with her collection. (

Sofia Vergara has one of the best bodies in Hollywood — which the public got a peek at after the zipper on her dress at the 2012 Emmy Awards refused to stay closed — but the Colombian beauty revealed to omg! that Tinseltown hasn't always been so in love with her curves. We caught up with the newly engaged "Modern Family" actress in New York City on Thursday to chat about her killer figure, her new designs for her Fall 2012 Kmart collection, and her Emmy wardrobe malfunction.

Did you think that when you tweeted the picture of your wardrobe malfunction at the Emmys that it would get such a big reaction?
No! I thought it was just going to be a funny joke. We were laughing at it because the picture was taken by my [fiancé Nick Loeb] to show me how bad [the rip] was. He said I wouldn't understand how bad it was … and I kept walking all over the event. He was like, "You have to stop, let me show you what is going on in the back!" So he took the picture and then I almost had a heart attack! I wanted to get it fixed very fast because I wanted to be a part of the celebration of receiving the [outstanding comedy series] Emmy up on the stage.

How did it happen? Did you bend over?
No. I was sitting the whole time. I don't know what [happened]!

How did the seamstress get you back into your dress?
They took me downstairs, somewhere backstage. The two women sewed me back in without even taking the dress off because they didn't have time. We were about to win the award!

Are you going to keep a seamstress on hand for your wedding?
I should, for everything. I think I should have one right here — because it happens to me all the time!

Speaking of those famous curves, you recently told Katie Couric on "Katie" that when you arrived in Hollywood, people suggested you reduce your 32F breasts, but you chose not to.
Yeah. Someone said that when I was starting in Hollywood that I should [get a breast reduction] so I would look better in the dresses and look better next to the other actresses, because they look better because they are less voluptuous. It is true — they look better! But then I looked at her and said, "Well, they look better in pictures, but I look better naked!"

Would you ever consider getting any plastic surgery now?
I am sure I am going to do it. Not something crazy. Little things here and there when the time comes. Hopefully when that happens there are going to be even better treatments.

This has been a busy year for you. What has been most exciting?
It has been a great year! I had a great season with "Modern Family." My [clothing] collection, [has been around for a] whole year, and it is getting better. Now I am not just doing the clothing, I am doing bedding [too]. Kmart wants me to do so many things for them. I feel honored. I can't complain. When I have time, [I'll] do a movie in between.

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Looks from the Modern Family star's lingerie line. (

What is your philosophy for dressing in everyday life? Did it inspire your Kmart collection?
Well, I am not a very practical person with dressing. Like if the shoes hurt, I don't care — I suffer! But I wanted to create a brand that was affordable and comfortable and versatile.

What makes you feel sexy?
I love designers like Dolce & Gabbana. They do a lot of stretchy materials. I am always thinking [about] women wanting to be a little bit sexy — not crazy, but sexy.

Your collection has been available at Kmart for a year. How do you feel you've grown as a designer?
Well, I've learned a lot. I think it is getting better and better. For me, now it is so much easier to understand what materials work and what designs work, because it is not [always easy] to bring something from the runways [and make it] affordable. One material in one color could look cheap, and one color in another material could look super luxurious.

What kind of woman did you have in mind when you started designing?
The normal woman. The woman who is on a budget and still wants to look cute and sexy, but can't be uncomfortable the whole time because she has to clean house, or go and get the kids, or go to work and sit down for hours in front of a desk. The woman that is not perfect. Maybe they don't look like Miss Universe, but they can showcase great cleavage, great legs, or a nice waist.

We've seen your character Gloria sporting your Kmart collection on "Modern Family." Was that your idea?
Well, actually most of the ideas for Gloria's style are my idea. When we started the show, everyone was like, "Oh, my gosh, Gloria dresses fantastic!" So I started to bring to the collection the same ideas that I was bringing to Gloria's wardrobe.

What is your favorite piece from the Fall 2012 line you designed?
One of my favorite pieces — and friends are always like, "Send me, send me" and I am like, "No, I am not going to send anymore, I need to sell something!" — are the leggings! We have them in every color and they don't stretch. You put them on two days in a row without washing them and they are fantastic. They grab everything.

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Vergara's goods include accessories. (

What is the most surprising reaction you've gotten from someone you've seen wearing your clothes?
One of the best things for me is to go into the street and randomly find somebody that is wearing one of my tops. It is so crazy because I cannot remember numbers or names or anything, but I can remember every single top and every single pant. Whenever I see them, I ask, "Is that from Kmart?" and they're like, "Yes, I love it!"

Now that you're engaged, do you want to design your own dress for your wedding?
I haven't been thinking about it at all, because I just came from a very big party that I did for my 40th birthday. My assistant would kill me if I make him go through a whole preparation of another big party so soon!

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