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Michelle Pfeiffer Sounds Off

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Michelle Pfeiffer talks candidly about aging, plastic surgery, and more in the July issue of InStyle. - Mark A …

Bolder and sexier than ever, 51-year-old Michelle Pfeiffer shoots straight on aging in the July issue of InStyle.

On Turning 50
"Really, the only bad thing about turning 50 was the anticipation. Once you turn 50, you feel grateful you made it. The overriding, positive thing about turning 50, is that you go from 'You don't look your age' to 'You look pretty darn good for your age.' There's this tremendous pressure off -- you deserve to have a wrinkle, you deserve to have a little pooch on your tummy."

On Feeling Sexier Than Ever
"I'm not saying I'm sexier to other people. But part of feeling sexy is feeling comfortable in your own skin, and less inhibited, and that goes along with getting older. Feeling more confident, dropping a lot of the BS."

See How Michelle's Look Has Changed Over the Years

On Getting Plastic Surgery
"Well, I think your face should still move. And you should be recognizable to your friends. One actress I knew years ago, a really lovely person, had some stuff done, and literally, every time I run into her now I don't recognize her. Every time!"

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"I'm a little OCD," admits Pfeiffer in a Giorgio Armani top and jeans. "I can tell if my hair isn't evenly cut …


On Being Told She's Beautiful
"When I was first starting out, I was a little sensitive about it because I hadn't really proven myself. I was careful to not wear a lot of makeup; I'd show up for interviews in men's clothing. It took about eight years for me to feel it was OK to look my nicest. To think, I'm just going to enjoy this. And now, the older I get, the more I like hearing it."

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"I'm a little more careful about my time these days," share the actress in a Martin Grant wool jumpsuit and brass …


On Romancing Younger Men On-screen
"It was a progression. Paul [Rudd] is 11 years younger. With Ashton [Kutcher, 20 years younger], I thought, I'm never going younger than this again. Then Stephen [Frears] called with Rupert [Friend, 24 years younger], and I thought, Oh my god. But at my age you either play the insane mother-in-law, the wife of the leading man, or the older woman. So of the three, it's the most interesting choice. It helps if you have a sense of humor about it. Fortunately, all three men are really smart and really funny. And really cute."

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On Keeping Mystery in a Relationship
"Can you imagine, for 20 years, trying to stay mysterious in your relationship? That's the worst advice I've ever heard. Of all the people in your life you don't want to hide from, it's your partner. One of the reasons my marriage is successful, I think, is that we are completely comfortable around each other and don't feel the need to hide aspects of ourselves."

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"The worst thing is to look as if you're trying too hard," notes Pfeiffer. "It's better to think, 'Who cares?' …


On Hating "Cougars"
"I so hate that term! Men are sugar daddies and women are cougars? Men are strong and women are bitches?"

Read more of Michelle's exclusive interview with InStyle, or pick up the July issue, on newsstands June 19.

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