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Kim Kardashian Ties One On

A-Line: Celebrity Style

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Kim Kardashian shops in Beverly Hills. - IONU/

While out shopping at the Bev Hills store Traffic, Kim Kardashian donned an outfit that just about left me speechless.

The reality star went out in public wearing a pair of black short shorts, white top, and black platform pumps. On paper it sounds kind of cute, but did I mention the bows? Kim's chunky heels have bows, her shorts are belted with a bow, and she tops off the look with an oversized black bow tie! Kim's not the most fashion-forward gal on the block, but c'mon girl! Know when to say when.

There once was a time when I wore black pants, a white shirt, and a black bow tie, but I was waitressing at an Italian restaurant. As soon as that gig ended I vowed never to wear a bow tie again. Maybe if you grow up with the kind of money Kim Kardashian has you don't have to worry about the stigma of such an outfit.


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