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January Jones strikes a pose on the cover of W . - Craig McDean/W

Going from playing the hot bridesmaid in raunchy teencomedy flick "American Wedding" to the cold and unhappy '60shousewife in the acclaimed TV drama "Mad Men" was a pretty bigtransition for actress January Jones, but she's managed to pull off both roleswith ease, and even land a couple of award noms for the latter. Her nextswitch-up comes in June, when the 33-year-old portrays "one of the most powerful mutants"(her words!) in thenext installment of the "X-Men" big-screen action series,"X-Men: First Class." And, shesays in the May issue of W, she's ready to infiltrate thewild world of Comic-Con ... where she'll surely field a few marriage proposals.

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"Comic-Con is mostly male, and I don't really havethat audience. And, I'm really like a guy in a lot of ways," she admits inthe interview. "My screen saver is a picture of me with Eli and PeytonManning taken at the Kentucky Derby. The most starstruck I get is aroundfootball players. I like the Pittsburgh Steelers -- I was going to be Tory Polamalufor Halloween."

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January shows off a Michael Kors black wool and elastic gown, Gina Pankowski necklace, and Gucci booties. - Craig …

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The "Mad Men" star wears Giorgio Armani’s navy rayon jersey bikini top, Robert Lee Morris earrings, a Tom Binns …

She may think she doesn't have "that audience,"but with her looks, we're sure there are plenty of men paying attention. In aquintessential Hollywood story, Jones actually started out as a model, leavingsmall-town South Dakota for New York at age 18. "I was excited to beindependent, but I was also naïve -- I wanted to be rich and famous. [Laughs] Ilived in an apartment near the Empire State Building. There were a billiongirls in New York City who wanted to be models," she recalls. "Aftera while, I was immune to rejection, which helped when I went out to L.A. tobecome an actress."

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After her "American Wedding" role and a fewother smaller parts, she eventually found her way to what would be alife-changing audition for a new basic cable show called "Mad Men."Surprisingly, she initially tried out for the role of average-looking secretaryPeggy, not knock-out trophy wife Betty. That's because, at the time, Bettydidn't even exist.

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"I read for Peggy two times -- it was between me andElizabeth Moss who eventually got the part. At the end of the scene, there wasa casual mention that [her character's husband, womanizing ad exec] Don wasmarried. [Show creator] Matt [Weiner] went home that night and wrote two scenesthat featured Betty," Jones explains. "I auditioned a couple of dayslater, and he made me a verbal promise that the character would grow. I tookthe part on faith -- there was no script or fleshed-out character or Bettyplotline."

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January gets serious in Céline’s rayon crepe jumpsuit with leather trim. - Craig McDean/W

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"I'm really like a guy in a lot of ways," the actress says. - Craig McDean/W

While Betty dons a glamorous array of '60s fashions,Jones says her new "X-Men" character, villain Emma Frost, a.k.a.Diamond Girl, has a pretty cool wardrobe, too. "I'm telepathic, and I canturn into a diamond, which means I'm very, very cold. I always wear white: lotsof iridescent stretch leather, lots of sparkle, and ass-kicking whiteboots."

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But in real life, Jones tends to be dressed a lot more casuallywhen photographers catch her -- over and over again. "The paparazzi arelining my street, waiting for me to come out of the house. And I'm always doingthe same thing: walking the dog," she insists. "My poor dog isgetting to know all the photographers. I say to him, 'Why aren't you barking?!These aren't your friends.'"

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