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Jessica Simpson Gets ‘Fancy’

A-Line: Celebrity Style

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Country girl Jessica Simpson gets 'Fancy.' - Kevin Mazur/

Pop -- correction -- country singer, actress, fashion designer. Jessica Simpson can now add one more occupation to her resume: perfumer.

The 28-year-old donned a gorgeous chocolate dress for the debut her new fragrance Fancy at a Dillard's store in her native Texas. With ingredients like pear, apricot nectar, toasted almonds, and caramel, the scent is sweet but not cloying.

This isn't the Jessica's first foray into the world of beauty. She launched an "edible" cosmetics line in 2004, and has been a spokesperson for Proactiv since 2005.

Personally, I think creating her own fragrance was a smart move for Jess. Celebrity perfumes are cash cows. According to, sales of Jennifer Lopez's Glow and Live Luxe fragrances totaled $77 million in 2006! Even Elizabeth Taylor, the venerable queen of star scents, had $60 million worth of sales for White Diamonds the same year.

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The entrepreneur is joined by a furry friend, her pooch Daisy. - Kevin Mazur/


Judging by Jessica's smile, she's already inhaling the sweet smell of success.

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