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Antonio Banderas, Other Famous Leading Men Open Up About Growing Old

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Not a month goes by that we don't see a female celebrity asked in an interview about aging and how it's affecting her looks. Since we all know metabolism slows with age, what exactly does she do to keep her fit physique? How does she keep her skin looking so fresh (when it's so old, the question seems to imply)? This month, however, it's the men who are opening up about aging. The new issue of AARP magazine features a list of 21 sexy male celebrities older than 50, including NBC News anchor and frequent "30 Rock" guest star Brian Williams, movie star Antonio Banderas, and actor/Mr. Barbra Streisand of 14 years, James Brolin.

Williams, 53, reveals that, not surprisingly and despite what we read, men do think about growing older. "All guys wake up and expect to see an 18-year-old in the mirror," he said. "Lately, the guy I see looks a heck of a lot more like my late father, but there's nothing you can do about it! Just live your life and realize it may be true that the only guy who really looks good with three days' growth is George Clooney." But unlike many women and men, Williams says he's not too concerned with his diet. "I cannot pass an Arby's or Taco Bell without swerving into the parking lot. I see folks who read the content label on a piece of chocolate. I don't want to live that way. Eating mashed yeast and potting soil is not my idea of a fulfilling meal."

"Zorro" star Banderas, on the other hand, is more strict when it comes to what he puts in his body. The buff 51-year-old, who married "Working Girl" actress Melanie Griffith in 1996, has a more rigid physical routine. "I work out every morning, and when I'm finished, the first thing I put in my body is white tea," Banderas says. "Everything is about balance." When it comes to another aspect of his looks — his once flowing, full head of dark hair — Banderas admits that things have changed. "I'm a little bald, but I don't think the pressure is just a Hollywood thing," the "Puss in Boots" star says. "It's a social thing."

Former "Hotel" star Brolin, who's still handsome at 71, explains that his secret to aging gracefully is to take everything in stride. "Stress can take years off your life. I don't get rattled about many things," Brolin says. "[Streisand] thinks everything has to get done right now. My theme is, 'What's your hurry?'"

AARP's first annual "Men on Fire" list is featured in the June/July issue.

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