• 'Furious 7' holds on to box office; 'Age of Ultron' looms

    NEW YORK (AP) — "Furious 7" enjoyed a victory lap over the weekend, becoming only the third film ever to make $1 billion internationally and leading the domestic box office for the fourth straight week. But the movie that's poised to topple the Universal juggernaut, Marvel's "The Avengers: Age of…

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  • 10 Acting Legends Ruined By Their Alcoholism - Listverse

    Starting out as a small-town Minnesota girl, this gorgeous blonde ran off to Hollywood, and it wasn’t long before she became one of the biggest stars of the 1940s and 1950s, starring alongside acting greats like James Cagney, Gary Cooper, and Gregory Peck. Primarily in the 1960s, her alcoholism…

  • ‘Avengers: Age Of Ultron’ Opens To Mighty $201.2M Overseas; Sets IMAX Record

    UPDATE, WRITETHRU, 11:05 AM PT: Avengers: Age Of Ultron was the dominant box office force overseas this weekend with a hulking $201.2M start. The Disney/ Marvel mash-up kicked off its career in 44 markets representing 55% of its international footprint, initially beginning to roll out on…

  • 'Avengers 2' Is Dominating The Foreign Box Office

    The reign of "Furious 7" continues as "The Age of Ultron" looms. Stateside, James Wan’s film topped the America box office again, pulling in $16-$17 million, bringing its domestic total to around $318 million. But that reign may end soon: Joss Whedon’s incalculably-hyped "Avengers 2" has been…

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  • Revenge Goes Pink, The Goldbergs Find 'Somebody to Love' and More TV Tunes

    Just like a breath needs the air, we’re betting you need an all new TVLine Mixtape! What follows is an array of songs recently featured on your favorite shows, including artist and album information in case you want to add them to your personal collection. Spoilers abound, and we chose…

  • Kirk Franklin On 'Trap Gospel' And Taking Heat From The Church

    For gospel purists, Erica Campbell's "I Luh God" resembles secular club music in a way that's too close for comfort. Kirk Franklin knows a thing or two about that.

  • Top Ten Marvel Villains to Adapt to Live Action

    The last week I posted a lists of twenty different Marvel heroes/teams we haven’t seen adapted to live action. To be honest, I’m amazed that I was able to get twenty good choices for heroes that we haven’t seen in live action. This list, however, is much, much easier to write. I could expand it to…

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  • Astronaut Scott Kelly watched Gravity in space last night

    The astronaut tweeted a photo of "movie night" aboard ISS, and, sure enough, you can make out Sandra Bullock floating around the space station. It also seems like a pretty unusual choice, since, you know, it's a space station disaster movie. Scott Kelly blasted off with Cosmonaut Mikhail Kornienko…

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  • VIDEO: Showtime sheds light on Mayweather's extreme endurance

    Floyd Mayweather endures. Above everything else, the theme of the most recent episode of Showtime's "Inside Mayweather vs. Pacquiao," is Mayweather's ability to endure. Like the first episode, the second episode of the documentary gives us a behind-the-scenes peak at Mayweather's training routine.…

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  • Nina Dobrev And Ex-Boyfriend Ian Somerhalder Takes Goofy Photos After Filming The Final ‘Damon And Elena’ Scene

    The brunette star was all smiles with Somerhalder despite her departure from CW’s hit TV show, The Vampire Diaries. Nina Dobrev posted a photo on Instagram on April 24th showcasing two Polaroid photos of her with ex-boyfriend and The Vampire Diaries co-star Ian Somerhalder.

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  • What Happens Now That Comcast Corporation Has Dropped Its Time Warner Cable Bid?

    With the $45 billion deal off the table, here is the expected fallout for both companies and the industry at large.

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  • Popcorn Preview: 24 Days

    24 Days (24 jours) (2014)Cast includes: Zabou Breitman (The Minister), Pascal Elbé (The Other Son), Jacques Gamblin (Safe Conduct), Sylvie Testud (La Vie en Rose), Tony Harrison (Snow White)Director: Alexandre Arcady (Hold-up)Genre: Drama | Suspense | Biography (110 minutes) French with…

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  • Bruce Jenner comes out as transgender, says 'I am a woman'

    NEW YORK (AP) — In the 1970s, Bruce Jenner was a symbol of American masculinity as an Olympic champion. Nearly 40 years later, in an extraordinary television interview, Jenner told the world that he identifies as a woman and has felt gender confusion since he was a little boy growing up in the New…

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  • 'Mad Men' Alum Bryan Batt Reflects on Sal, Smoking and His Three Seasons With the Show

    "I like to think later down the line... he puts on the kaftan and gets a Yorkshire Terrier."

    The Hollywood Reporter
  • Political TV Takes the Spotlight at Garden Brunch

    WASHINGTON — The showbiz presence for White House Correspondents Assn. weekend is less visible this year — in favor of stars who have some connection to D.C. The reasons for this have varied. The novelty of hobnobbing with members of President Obama’s administration has worn off, and the event has…

  • ‘Descendants’ of Classic Disney Villains Join Heroic Counterparts for Prep School in First Trailer (Video)

    The next generation of Disney villains takes center stage in the Disney Channel original film “Descendants.” Starring Kristin Chenoweth as Maleficent (“Sleeping Beauty”), Kathy Najimy as Evil Queen (“Snow White”), Wendy Raquel Robinson as Cruella de Vil (“101 Dalmations”) and Maz Jobrani as Jafar…

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  • Salma Hayek visits Lebanon to launch film 'The Prophet'

    BCHARRE, Lebanon (AP) — Salma Hayek is in Lebanon, her first visit to her ancestral homeland, to launch "The Prophet," an animated feature film she co-produced.

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